Fizicx | Proto SV1 | FXL Irons [Platinum Finish]

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Coming Soon. Fizicx | Proto SV1 | FXL Irons More distance worked into any combination from your 7-2 Irons ( Irons are Mark 7L | 6L | 5L | 4l | 3L | 2L . Our 4-2 Irons have integrated Draw and Fade Settings to support your desired shot shape!

In testing, Players selected the combo that best fit their target/distance/gab needs. With some opting for an FXS (Scoring) 7 Iron and an FXL (Length) 7L to Bridge the gap to their FXL 6L Iron. Some expert players are only opting for these clubs in the FXL 3L and 2L


Look for our Fizicx Competition Pack so you can mix your Ironset based on condition and course layout.

Also; if you travel extensively and want to play more.. substitute our FXL 2 iron as a durable driver replacement to your expensive and brittle high tech driver.